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Greg Laurie

You can’t lengthen your life by thinking and worrying about the length of your life!

Anne Graham Lotz

Yet even in the midst of a worldwide lockdown, you and I are not alone and never will be.

Samuel Rodriguez

I believe that there is also reason for hope, because this may be the greatest hour for the Christian church in a very long time.

Jack Graham

Regardless of your circumstances, will you allow God’s presence and power to steady you for the storm?

Jentezen Franklin

Great opportunities can come from our scariest moments.

Robert Morris

In the same way, what we’re going through in our world today is not beyond God. The cure for COVID19 is not beyond God. 

Miles McPherson

We are focusing on the wrong thing, the wrong death. The death that we need to embrace is related to certain things we are holding onto in our hearts.

Allen Jackson

I believe that God did not send us to our homes to hide from a virus. I believe with all my heart that He sent us to our homes to pray.

Michael Youssef

In a time of crisis, we must heed God’s Word if we don’t want our troubles to be multiplied.

Walter Kim

While many long to return to “normal life” before the pandemic, the church is embarking on a remarkable opportunity of creative witness and service to their communities.

Richard Land

Let us be about our Father’s business in a “new normal” where the fields are white unto harvest with spiritual opportunities to be redeemed for profit.

Harry Jackson Jr.

The church in America needs a personal, church level, and national prayer strategy to help us win our battle against COVID19.

William Vanderbloemen

This global pandemic has brought mortality and the fragility of this world to the forefront.

Michael Brown

We are called to something higher and better. And let us look for opportunities to share the gospel and bring comfort and hope.

Joni Eareckson Tada

Even as we journey through toward the other end of this coronavirus, you and I have every reason to be cheerful in Christ.

Gabriel Salguero

We are a beautiful and tenacious mosaic that perseveres beyond perilous nights and intense winters.

Shane Pruitt

The coronavirus did not knock Him off His throne as King. He is still there, and He is still in control.

Rob Schenck

We can learn so much from the outbreak of this pandemic and be better for it.

David Dockery

At the forefront of all of these things is the need to remain mission focused.

Wallace Henley

When the virus crisis is gone, let us not forget what the church did when the troubles were upon us.

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Arise Together
Arise Together
Arise Together

Arise Together


Arise Together includes chapters from twenty pastors and leaders in the USA written during this Covid-19 pandemic. 

The nearly 200 pages aim to capture what God is doing and what He is teaching us in this moment of crisis. 

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